Samantha's pictureSamantha Wittchen
Graphic Designer

Although Samantha is almost completely convinced that her true calling is to become the first harpist rock star out there, in the meantime she’s quite content to spend her days as Lawson Enterprises’ in-house graphic designer. 

Holding a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Virginia, Sam’s career path has meandered through financial services, manufacturing design and process improvement on the way to her most recent incarnation as a graphic designer—something she’s been doing for three years now.

Samantha is one of those strange breeds who uses her left and right brains on a regular basis, and when she’s not out on the ultimate frisbee field or playing with an orchestra somewhere, you can often find her reading the latest article on renewable energy, engaged in a heated game of Trivial Pursuit or sitting around making funny faces in the mirror.

Although she may not have reached rock-star status yet, she still shines brightly on the Lawson team.