(A woman before her time.)

2006 marks Joyce’s 30th year in marketing. She is a dietician by degree and marketer by birth. Before founding Lawson Enterprises with husband David, Joyce did the clinical research, consulting and healthcare tour with her degree. Her front nine skills included Assistant Professor at several universities, Research Dietitian, Nutritionist for large corporations and consultant for numerous Nursing Homes. On this course she aced some of the first clients for Lawson Inc, they have also turned out to be some of our oldest.

Her business insight and talent have enabled her to incorporate years of experience into marketing success…
the development and presentation of training programs
comes easily after teaching a bunch of college students and the basic research techniques done at the National Institute of Health and at the Ohio State Research Unit are used by Joyce on the back nine of her professional life.

Joyce and husband David have three grown children and two grandchildren. If you have not already figured it out, Joyce is an enthusiastic golfer (not good she says) just enthusiastic.

We beg to differ. She always keeps us in the fairway and is still the only person we know that has shot a hole-in-one!