David's pictureJENNIFER GOBORA
Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer

Jennifer started with Lawson wet behind the ears. Her first “office” with us was also the luncheon room, storage area and all around hang out spot. In
addition to her Mount Holyoke College BA and Villanova MA, her training has been “the real world," and our clients appreciate this viewpoint. She doesn’t believe that clients
are always right (especially when they are wrong). She puts her 15-plus years of marketing experience with Fortune 500 companies nationwide to good use. Jennifer has been key
in developing relationships with clients, has worked on new product launches and manages a broad range of projects
for consumer clients.

She loves getting completely immersed in everything. Maybe that is why she is still wet behind the ears, but it is no longer from inexperience. Instead it is from her constant enjoyment in water activities...swimming, sailing, swimming, skiing (its
on frozen water!)...did we mention swimming? We have been told if the activity does not have some form of H2O involved with it, don’t ask her to participate.  She says she simply can not do land activities.

We disagree; her marketing expertise and the results have put that excuse to shame.