David's pictureJEAN ALDERMAN
Office Manager

Jean joined Lawson Enterprises 8 years ago.  She earned a BA degree in Biblical languages, taught adult ESL and GED classes at a community college and worked briefly as a court interpreter before coming on board a marketing firm. 

And now 2 children, 16 product surveys, a myriad of projects and even a parking lot full of rolling poster tubes later (ask her about the tubes some time!), she still has a sense of humor.  Jean does whatever is needed to keep the office of 8 grown-ups, 1-4 children (depending on which day of the week it is), a few dogs and several plants functioning properly.  Being an office manager at Lawson Enterprises is certainly a job fit for a professional juggler, and Jean has been juggling well for many years through various projects and tasks thrown at her. 

Her multiple responsibilities do not stop at work, though.  While keeping a full time job and raising 2 young children, she is heavily involved at her church as a pastor’s wife, takes graduate classes in the evenings, teaches adult ESL classes, and lately began volunteering at Korean Woman’s Center as a Counselor/Interpreter/Director, ESL classes. 

What is so great about working at Lawson Enterprises?  Jean will certainly tell you that it is a place where people are valued for who they are, and what each person brings into the company is appreciated and converted into a constructive resource.  Even the laughter of our children who follow their mommies to work helps us to do what we do best, Marketing for the Real World!