David's pictureHudson
Mascot, Model, Office Security, and Top Dog

A fairly new addition to Lawson Enterprises, our Top Dog is a 3 year-old pug. Hudson launched his career here at Lawson Enterprises, so he brings no experience whatsoever, unless you count unparalleled snoring ability.

Hudson's first job modeling for the Lawson Enterprises
30th anniversary postcard went so well that he's been featured several times since then in various marketing materials. We figure it's only a matter of time before all this fame goes to his head.

And while you may not think his small stature would make him a candidate for a security dog, big things often come in small packages. He guards our office from the evil UPS and FedEx guys with what can only be described as vigor and vitality. He must be learning the ways of Lawson Enterprises between his many naps, because whatever task is at paw,
he completes it like he loves it.

Hudson - available for hire!