David's pictureDAVID LAWSON
Vice President and
Chief Financial Officer

Before founding LE with his partner (and wife) in 1976, Dave spent a few years “acquiring” a marketing expertise. He hopped from the automobile business (Ford Motor Co. – marketing for the Mustang), food (Pet Milk Co. – acquiring a few companies like Whitman Chocolates, yummy!), pharmaceuticals (Mead Johnson - licensing), and aviation/health care (Narco Scientific). David’s early flight plan in acquisitions and marketing gave him a true entrepreneurial spirit; one that continues today.

These experiences combined with an academic outing at the University of Missouri to earn a B.S. and M.S. in business and economics give him a rich view of business issues.

On a personal note David acquired a wonderful talent (courtesy of the U.S. Air Force) of flying. To this day he still fly’s his own plane for business and pleasure. As spare time permits he supports Angel Flight East, providing free flights for individuals who need transportation to their medical care.